Measures against Corona

Unfortunately, the Corona virus still continues to influence our environment. At DGI we believe it is important to continue to put the health of our customers and employees first. We also ask you to follow the measures below as much as possible, so that everyone remains in good health.

The following measures will always be carefully monitored:

  • If you feel sick, the scheduled appointments will be canceled immediately;
  • Our colleagues will always wear a mouth mask;
  • We respect 1.5 m distance at all times;
  • Every visitor is obliged to wear a mouth mask.
  • If you test positive within 10 days of your contact, please contact our corona responsible
  • Please note: We work behind closed doors, and therefore only by appointment.

General measures

Employee training

Our employees observe the necessary guidelines on social distancing and hygiene at each visit, fully in line with what the sector federations expect from us. Each employee has a & lsquo; live kit & rsquo ;, in which ao. face masks, disinfectant gel, disinfectant spray and disinfecting wipes can be found, so that we can guarantee the safety of our customers and our employees during site visits or appointments at the office.

At the office

Preparatory measures were taken in each office so that our employees and customers can respect the social distance.

Corona responsible

This person is the point of contact for our employees and will ensure the meticulous application of the measures. At DGI this is Marina De Groof tel. 015 55 68 28
Do you become ill within 10 days after a visit or contact. Contact us immediately

On-site visits and appointments at the office

Following the Ministerial Decree of November 1, 2020, on-site visits are provisionally subject to a number of stricter rules:
Prior to a site visit, the prospective buyer or prospective tenant will receive detailed information about the property in question. In addition, prior to an appointment or visit, all our customers always receive an overview of the applicable safety guidelines, eg. by means of the information video for site visits as drawn up by the Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents. We hereby emphasize that every visitor to a property is obliged to wear a mouth mask.

- Site visits with professionals can still take place in the presence of the real estate agent.
  • Prevention measures for the building owner and visitors
  • Stay at home if you or anyone from your family or business has flu symptoms or has a cold.
  • All touched surfaces are disinfected after each visit and disinfectant gel is provided for your hands.
  • Respect a distance of 1.5m. Do not cross each other on the stairs or in a narrow hallway.
  • Clear the company building during the visit (if necessary, stay in a separate room). If possible, ensure that the house is well ventilated between visits.
  • Do not shake hands or touch anything, ask the real estate agent to open a cupboard or door.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory for all visitors.

- Site visits with consumers can also take place, but only if no one else is present in the home during the visit. Our real estate agents will of course prepare you for this visit by providing as much information about the property as possible, and digital guidance via video call is also possible during the visit itself. Please feel free to contact our real estate agents for more information about these site visits.

Online services

Although our teams are working hard, our employees will still work behind closed doors for a while. However, we continue to insure our services online, by telephone and by appointment.

At an appointment at the office, all security measures will be respected and the safety of our customers and employees will prevail. For example, we will prefer to digitally sign a lease or compromise.

In the meantime, we as a group are ready to guarantee you maximum service, even in this uncertain period. Do you have any more questions about our Corona prevention or important developments in the real estate sector?

Don't hesitate to contact us!