Every valuation of a commercial property has its own purpose, and therefore its own perspective. The valuation may be necessary to gain insight into the value of your commercial property, investment object or the financial position for your annual statement, in order to obtain your business financing, rent review or a possible sale.

In all cases, a valuation report from an appraiser specialized in commercial real estate is recommended. We provide a careful valuation, tailored to the purpose of the estimate. The important asset is that you not only get a value but also an effective working document .

This is how we work

  • 1

    Place order

    To avoid mistakes, we prefer to work with online assignments, but of course it is also possible by telephone

  • 2

    Contact us

    We will contact you to provide additional information and / or discuss your specific objective

  • 3

    On-site inspection

    During the site visit, someone must be present to provide us with the necessary access to all areas of the property

  • 4


    We will work with the obtained documents, our inspection report and, if necessary, we will conduct research and establish contacts

  • 5


    On average 10 working days after obtaining all necessary documents and information, you can expect the report digitally and by post

How can you prepare?

To ensure that the visit runs smoothly, you can prepare or email the following documents:

  • Plans and measurements of the buildings, if any
  • Deed of purchase
  • Property tax assessment notice
  • Rental contracts or other rights in rem, if applicable