About us

An all-round warehouse, an office space with charisma, a store large enough to realize your dream.

A new building to house your brasserie, a spacious parking lot or a multifunctional building site.

You search? DGI finds!

Keen to realize your real estate ambition.


You search, we find? Yes. But we would like to know for whom. We would like to get to know you. & Eacute; cht know. So that we know exactly what you want. And why. Because we are happy to empathize with your wishes, then we are at our best: attentive to that one great opportunity, committed to your well-being and full of passion for our profession. Dialogue, consultation and feedback: at every step in the process. No, with us you will not get away with a chat.

From start to finish

Would you like to bring a real estate transaction to a successful conclusion? No small beer. DGI manages your file from A to Z. Looking for a suitable building or building site, 100% to your liking? Right up our alley! Arrange contracts, advise on the valuation of the building you have in mind? Completely our thing. Rent and management of your offices? Bring it on. Bought or built and now looking for a tenant for your property? DGI also assists you with the rental and management of your building. Because we invest in long-term relationships.

And you can rest assured: at DGI we are completely up to date. Continuously trained in economics, management, law, appraisal and real estate law. Because you want up to date advice and reliable assistance, right?

Always one foot ahead

Are you aiming for that one great opportunity? We too - for you. DGI is the leader in the real estate market. We actively prospect ourselves at your request. Always with the same passion and drive.