About us

Why should I work with DGI?

That is about the most frequently asked and at the same time the most difficult question. It's like
wine: you have to taste it .
Selling or renting commercial real estate is our passion. We have to, because we
advise on the optimal value and destination of a building. Sometimes take
We even take over the full management of a building. & nbsp; Then you better know what it's about. Down to the smallest detail .

The DGI team consists of experienced professionals. Real estate specialists issuing permits
and check figures in advance that know the market. A team that is committed to
get the maximum out for the customer. We don't just say that, we do it.
You can also follow everything online, so you can see what we do for you and where we are,
completely transparent .

We like to do what we do and we are good at it. Customers feel that. There is
here a positive atmosphere. We have the desire to go all out: from the best
deal for the customer about a smooth settlement from the notary to the glass of champagne

Why should you work with us? It's like wine: You have rosé, red wine and white wine.
We sparkle .