About us

Successful business strategy

DGI is convinced that, for a successful long-term business strategy, it is essential to always act on the basis of respect for society.

DGI wishes to assume its social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility translates into respect for all its stakeholders: customers, personnel, suppliers, external advisers, government.

Ethical and responsible business

For a successful long-term business strategy it is essential to always act based on respect for society and in this way to operate sustainably.

Therefore, when developing principles of corporate governance, these broader social factors must also be taken into account and companies should be encouraged to consider their social responsibility and the way in which they translate it into their business strategy.

This is complemented by a well thought-out personnel policy and special attention to employee development.

Responsibility for the entrepreneur

The individual responsibility of every entrepreneur in the belief that a responsible entrepreneur does not focus on his personal interests, but on the interests of the company and the continuity of the enterprise.